Stage 6: Abbeville > Le Havre #AllezVossi


Oh dear…SAD VOSSI Alert.  When we met up with Vossi pre-Tour we decided to take a couple of “stock” pictures “just in case”.  Anything can happen at the Tour, good and bad.  And living out of hotels that are sometimes in the middle of nowhere – well, the wifi can be sketchy at best.  So we made sure we’d have something ready to upload each day.

But tonight we got word from Vossi for the first time – better use the ‘Sad Vossi’ photo for today’s update – ‘this morning I woke up totally destroyed’ – and the day didn’t get any better.  Six days in and our man needs to preserve all his energy and focus on recovering for tomorrow’s stage and beyond.

Join us in wishing him a better day tomorrow – #AllezVossi!

PaulVoss86   #AllezVossi   #TourdeVoss

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