Vossi In The Air #AllezVossi


Okay, I put my hand up – it’s not a Vossi Selfie (#ßelfi) but as you can see he had his hands full already.  Also, we were not due to start our #AllezVossi campaign properly until the race has actually begun.  But here we were today, at the Bora – Argon 18 hotel in Utrecht, enjoying a spectacular lunch, prepared by the Bora CEO, Andreas Schillinger and our man Vossi.  Oh, and did I mention we were in a glass box held up in the air by a crane at 30 M height?

And there you have Vossi’s summary of the event – hot, high and delicious.  No it’s nothing to do with a crazy party, he’s talking about the temperature inside the glass box that contained the Bora cooking system – which itself was being baked in the 35C sun!  

It was fascinating to have a look at the Bora system and their innovative cooking truck, but tomorrow its down to the real business of the Tour de France and we can’t wait.

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