OMG it’s Haiku Friday! #Conquistaiku

Ok you bunch of smart asses, get your creative braincells engaged for 2 minutes and write us a little poem.  Make it about anything you like – happy, sad, funny or stupid…just make us feel something…ANYTHING!

There are haiku various formats, but we are going with the common 17 syllable Japanese haiku, with a structure made up of 3 lines: 5-7-5.

For the uninitiated – take a look here for guidance on how to write your little ditty:

Here’s our feeble attempt to kick us off.  We are pretty confident you can do better, please don’t make an ass of us…

Tweet yours to us at @Conquistacc and stick the hashtag #Conquistiku on the end and we’ll RT yours.  Or head over to our Facebook page and post it there.  Our favourite one gets our eternal admiration and a spot prize – we’ll have a rummage around and see what we can find in the cupboard.  


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