Le Tour de France à travers by Tino Pohlmann

Images ©Tino Pohlmann

For 10 years the photographer, Tino Pohlmann, has accompanied, lived and suffered with the Tour de France. Tino has created a book of beautiful images from the Tour that, Karsten Migels says  “reek of burning sweat, pounding blood, melted tar, mown grass and swirling dust, of sun and summer rain.”

“You feel as one with the suffering bodies of the riders, and also with the happy crowds eating and drinking as they wait by the roadside. You feel that you want to literally climb inside the photos, put your arm around the defeated rider and give him some words of encouragement, or raise a glass with the spectators by the road enjoying their baguettes and wine.” – Karsten Migels

“Looking back, you get back much more than you put in.  CAPTURED. is about my very personal relationship with the race, the roads and the cyclists.” – Tino Pohlmann

Format – 24 x 30cms

Pages – 192

Pictures – 144

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