Conquista Magazine Shortlisted for Cycling Media Awards 2014

We had a very nice little surprise drop in to our inbox the other day.  A notification that Conquista Magazine has been shortlisted for the Cycling Media Awards 2014 – in the “Best Use of Photography” category.

The coolest thing about this news is that someone – perhaps even more than one – took the time to be bothered to nominate us, for without nomination, there can be no shortlisting.  So, to whichever of you lovely people that put us forward, we are eternally grateful.  For us to receive such recognition in our first year is massively appreciated.

Of course, the real credit goes to the talented photographers whose brilliant images go a long way to making Conquista Magazine what it is.  We’ve been privileged to work with some of the industry’s finest talent, giving a deserved platform and outlet for stunning imagery that needs to be shared, enjoyed and loved.

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring many photographers – if your name is not listed here please shoot us to spare the embarrassment.  Otherwise, take a bow please: Andy Bokanev, Jack Chevell, Paolo Ciaberta, Brian Hodes, Francois Lebeau, Emily Maye, Chris Miliman, Nick Monk, Veeral Patel, Tino Pohlmann, Kristof Ramon, Kristoffer Rødseth, Cor Vos, Wei Yuet Wong,…. we are very aware, without your brilliance, Conquista Magazine would not feature in this category at all.   

We would like to also thank and recognise our writers without whom the imagery would not have the same meaning.

We will go to the awards in London on October 16th, and we will raise a toast to those that nominated us and our contributors.  Cheers to you all.

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