Giro d’Italia Tour Part 1/3 by Jack Chevell

Ed. – This is our second guest blog.  Thank you to Jack for putting his hand up.

Day 1, Nice – San Remo. Approx 60km.

The first day was really just a preface for the trip. Out of Nice, along the Cote d’Azur and into Italy. The weather was overcast and blustery but warm and dry and once the busy traffic in Nice was negotiated it was easy to make good progress.

Minis near the top of Col d’Eze, on their way from Britain to Monte Carlo.

Preparations for the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo were almost complete.

Monte Carlo harbour fenced off and made into a race circuit.

Fruit sellers on the Italian border.

Stopped at a great bike shop to top off tyre pressures on the way into San Remo.

By the end of the first day, the weather was deteriorating and the sea looked upset. Walking back to the hotel, it started to rain.

Day 2, San Remo – Ceva. 113km


The second day started very wet, rivers flowed across the road and water got into every thing. I kept the camera dry by wrapping it in a hotel shower cap and burying it under clothing.

The road to Ceva followed the coast for 50km then turned inland and over the lower slopes of The Alps. Away from the coast, the heavy persistent rain slowed to a drizzle as we climbed.

The wet road over Colle San Bernardo and the hills which separate the coast from the flat plains inland.

An unexpectedly high summit, nearly 1000 metres, completed in fog and drizzle. The descent from which propelled us, save for a puncture, all the way to that nights’ hotel.

Day 3 Ceva – Cherasco. 44km

Sunshine on day 3 was very welcome, allowing gear to be dried and aired before setting off to Cherasco and  a stage of Giro d’Italia.

Riding through the countryside to Cherasco.

A short day with good weather allowed plenty of time to explore the towns along the way.

The peloton arrives in Cherasco.

Arriving in Cherasco felt a lot like the end of the first leg of the journey. From here, it was towards the high Alps and some very uncertain weather.




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