Giro d’Italia Tour Part 2/3 by Jack Chevell

Ed – This is the second blog in the three part series for Jack.

Day 4, Ceva – Pinerolo, 80km

It was intended that this day would be the first in the Alps, and the first big ascent. The weather had other ideas. Heavy rain throughout the day was accumulating as snow on Sestriere. Our ride and the Giro stage we had come to see both had to be altered. Our day ended in Pinerolo, and the camera stayed in the shower cap again.

Day 5, Pinerolo – Turin, 70km

Looking out from Pinerolo, the weather higher up looked clear, but the road was still blocked by the overnight snowfall.

Very often a day bicycle touring begins with a trip to a store to buy food.

The previous days’ weather and road closures meant the next day had to be altered too. What would have been a descent from Sestriere down the Susa valley, was instead a ride through the sunshine and showers the direct way to Turin.

Arriving in Turin, the weather had cleared and I was able to get some shots of a city I’m very fond of.

Day 6, Turin – Como, 65km (plus a train.)

Good weather again meant it was a pleasant ride out of Turin into the hills of Piemonte. There was no pressure to reach a destination, so we spent the day riding from hill town to hill town until we reached a station which would take us to Como for that evening.

I have been to Milan three times. I have never left the station. Sorry Milan. I’ve been busy.


Day 6, Como – Ghisallo, 55km

The weather waiting for us in Como was again difficult. By now though, we had developed a series of elaborate clothing and waterproofing strategies using bin bags, newspapers and shower caps to keep out the water and keep in the warmth. Neither of us had prepared expecting winter conditions.

It rained throughout the morning and we arrived to Bellagio soaked. However coffee and food restored the enthusiasm for climbing, and we went up The Ghisallo, a legendary climb in Italian Cycling.

At the top of this climb is the shrine to the Patron Saint of Cycling and this statue. The weather cleared enough to see across the lake to the mountains beyond.

The weather closed in again as we looked around the Ghisallo Museum, and we descended through the rain on treacherously slippery roads. A ferry runs from Bellagio back to Como. We were very grateful for this.


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