Part 4 of 4: My Dubai by Brian Hodes –

This is the fourth and final part of Brian Hodes’ photographic series, ‘My Dubai’.

It is more than apt to say that Brian is a craftsman behind the camera. He loves the subject he shoots. Not everyone that picks up a camera can shoot a interesting and beautiful picture. There is something very special about truly great photography. It is that thing that makes you go ‘wow’ in your head. It is something that provides interest, intrigue, love and care in equal measure. 

A beautiful photograph can stop you in your tracks. It can make you think. It can cause you to pause and that is what we want to achieve with Conquista. We want to bring you to a place where the blinking lights of being ‘online’ and switched on 24/7 do not matter. Conquista should be a quiet place where you can enjoy the art and words of some amazing contributors.

**Warning: there are some scenes from inside a butchery. If you do not like the sight of meat then look no further than the first 5 images.

He might have the wrong badge
He might have the wrong badge

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