Support women’s cycling: Project X

It is now time to put your money where your mouth is.

It is easy to talk a good game when it comes to equality in sport, given women an opportunity to have a meaningful and sustainable cycling career etc etc.  However, those words are easy to come by when you do not have to put anything at risk. Now, Kristy Scrymgeour and Velocio Sports have provided you with a golden opportunity to step up and support Project X

What is Project X?

“Women’s cycling is on the verge of change and growth. We believe three things can help continue this trend:

1. Increasing exposure – getting women’s cycling broadcast for the world to see
2. Growing the fan base – aligning the huge numbers of recreational women’s cycling with pro bike racing
3. Creating stars for people to follow – telling the stories of the amazing competitors in the Women’s Pro peloton

We believe enhancing these three areas will bring in the sponsors we need to grow the sport.

Project X is about taking our search for sponsorship to fund one of the top women’s cycling teams in the world and addressing these three points. We want to build a link between the recreational cyclist and the pro rider to create an engaged community; by making the team accessible and essentially sponsored by its fans. By building the fan base around the team, we are in turn bringing more exposure to the sport. 

We’re following a model that has been proven by countless soccer clubs from around the world and leaning on a tradition made famous by American football’s Green Bay Packers. By becoming a member of Project X you are not just supporting a team, you a creating a foundation upon which the sport can grow. Much in the same way fans did when Billie Jean King championed the formation of the WTA you will be helping to level the playing field, by saying women’s cycle sport matters enough to you that you are willing to make a financial contribution to see this program continue.”

How can you help and be involved?

  1. Go to–13#home
  2. Read the Indiegogo Project X website
  3. Look at the Project X videos
  4. Be inspired
  5. Choose a supporter package
  6. Get out your wallet
  7. Find the credit card
  8. And buy…we did

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