Tassie Gravel – an adventure on unsealed roads


Tasmanian, as you know, is that large island to the south of mainland Australia. It is a place of intense beauty. The population is small so you feel like you can have the place to yourself. Growing up in Tasmania, we used to say that: If someone comes onto your beach, move beaches!  With this in mind, if you want to ride alone without the constant reminder of cars and trucks and you want to immerse yourself in some amazing scenery, you need to go onto the gravel.

We stumbled across Travel Gravel from a Facebook posting of Aaron Midgely. Here is what they say about gravel riding:

There are too many cars – that’s a given, but there are places cars don’t go lest their shiny paint jobs become tarnished. There are often places local riders either don’t know about or shy away from but with a little explortion turn out to be some of our canvasses for adventure. Decades of forestry has given the state a network of roads that most people never see. And they’re perfect for the two-wheeled adventurer.

The beauty of gravel riding is that there’s really no such thing as the right bike – or the wrong bike. Road bike? Works fine. Mountain bike? That will do. Tourer? perfect. Cross bike? Goes well too. Wider tyres work better, although narrow tyres add an element of challenge that some folk like. Find some like-minded mates and head for the hills. 

Take a look at Tassie Gravel. It is a simple concept that offers a lot of reward.

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