In issue 5, which will be published in November, we will run an in-depth feature on the former Team Type 1, now called Team Novo Nordisk.  We gained a fascinating insight through meeting one of their key riders and the team doctor as they prepared to start the eight-day Tour of Britain in Liverpool.  Every rider in this unique team has the condition Type 1 diabetes.  They each face a personal daily challenge to manage their condition, which makes performing at the top level of pro-cycling even more demanding. 

Through their racing they prove, especially to young recently diagnosed sufferers, that people with the condition need not live a life bound by limitations.  Each one of the riders has a unique tale about how they discovered their condition, how it changed their lives, and how their friends, family and colleagues react to the news.    We speak to Finnish all-rounder Joonas Hattala about his story and also find out from the team’s Medical Director Rafael Castol what it takes to manage the condition through racing, training and even resting.

Whilst the riders are a true inspiration to Type 1 diabetes sufferers we also found them to be great role models for just about everyone, with simple lifestyle lessons on diet and exercise that we can all benefit from.  Watch out for them during the rest of the season as they strive for their first top level victory and follow their good work globally through the hashtag #ChangingDiabetes

Below is a small gallery of images of the team at the Tour of Britain.

Follow the progress of Team Novo Nordisk here as they continue to inspire diabetes sufferers the world over: 


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