The Col Collective: Stelvio

Our fried, Mike Cotty has published another video on the Stelvio:

As the highest road pass in Italy, standing proud at 2,758 metres, the Passo dello Stelvio needs very little introduction. From Prato its 48 bends carve their way up the mountain in what appears to be an endless road towards heaven, constantly switching back and forth the higher you climb. This was the final ascent of the day after two days in and around the Eastern and Italian Alps, we had a long transfer over to the Dolomites to look forward to but before doing so one last (big) mission to complete. Although warm and bright in the valley when we started the clouds were thickening up above and temperature dropping fast as the sun dipped its head on the distant horizon. Will we make it to the top before dark was the question on everyone’s mind? Watch now to find out. Chasing daylight, climbing mountains, this is definitely why we ride!

Length: 24.3km

Elevation gain: 1,808m

Average gradient: 7.4%

Max gradient: 14%

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