Wow! Uber cool vintage cycling figurines

In the 20th century, French children were in love with miniature cycling figurines.  The figurines depicted their heroes riding the iron horse on the iconic roads of France, Italy and Belgium.

The manufacturers of these cycling figurines have largely faded into the historical fabric of cycling. Names of Quiralu, Roger, Salza, Aludo and Cofalu were the makers of choice. There were riders in different positions and features. Some were dancing on the pedals, some were drinking but mostly they were in standard formation within the peloton.  Some special editions accentuated the nose (“big nose”) and the head (“big head”).  

Today you will find copies of these styles just like you find replicas of classic designer furniture like the Charles and Ray Eames chair.  It is classic stuff but nothing compares to the real thing, a vintage figurine of a ‘cycliste’, pre-loved and adored, from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.

These classic miniatures can be found at auction or in the cherished childhood collections that occasionally become available. Competition can be fierce in the quest to obtain a classic piece.

We have put some of these pieces in our Shop. The figurines will be updated as we find and acquire new items.  The items listed in our Shop are one off items.  We only have one available and they have a unique history.  If you like something in our Shop, then we suggest that you jump onboard quickly and make your purchase before another reader takes a fancy to that special piece.

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