Zackees Turn Signal Gloves by Zach Vorhies

This is another great Kickstarter project.  Zack Vorhies was working at Google when he came up with the idea for the ‘Turn Signal’ gloves with a friend and now is putting it to the market.

The gloves are designed such that you can signal in front of you without having to take your hands off of the handle bars. Signaling behind you is easy as well; simply extend your hand and press the contact plates together. The light will flash toward drivers behind you so that they can see your intent.

What makes these turn signal gloves so great?

  • Washable. The turn signal electronics are protected with a water proof coating, allowing you to wash your gloves like other delicate clothing.
  • Super bright LEDs. How can they be so bright when using such a small battery? Efficiency. Our LEDs are some of the most efficient on the market at converting power into light. A light sensor boosts light output during the day!
  • Long battery life. We hate changing batteries as much as you do. That’s why our gloves get 3-6 months of active use.
  • Metal contact switch. We spent months making the perfect activation switch between the thumb and index finger. We found that metal rivets are by far the most natural to use and the sound they make is strangely addicting.
  • Durability. We use premium thread, ultra-flex wire and we encase the electronics in a durable polymer. These gloves are designed tough.

You can back Zach at his Kickstarter project page:

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