Back to Reality

Here's today's (pathetic) first road ride of 2016. 


I deliberately chose a route that covers part of my old commute so that I could compare "performance" (if that is the right word).  There's one particular climb I used to use to measure my form - Woolwich Ferry to Shooter's Hill Road.  My best time ever (which, I proudly notice, is still 8th on the all-time leaderboard) is 5:26.  Today's effort, after which I briefly thought my heart was going to leap out of my throat: a roundly dispiriting 7:52.  True, I was briefly interrupted by a red traffic light, but I can't really pretend that was anything other than a welcome break in the vomitous agony.  Certainly it didn't make any difference to my time.  

I was briefly encouraged by the sight of a "PR" symbol on no less than two segments of road.  Further inspection revealed the disappointing reality that one was scored on a road I had never previously ridden down and the other is a segment that was invented since the last time I rode.  

Oh well.  At least I know what I'm up against. 

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