Polemics — triathlon

Who are the Raphaphiles?

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There are a lot of people in London who have, by any standards except their own, a lot of money.  According to the City of London Corporation, across Greater London, well over 350,000 people work in financial services.  According to thisismoney.co.uk the average wage of Britain’s “Financial institution managers and directors” is about £78,000.  According to the present author, who worked for five different investment banks during a City career lasting over 17 years, these are laughable underestimates of how many people’s livelihoods depend on the City, and...

Rapha and I

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Last week the Guardian published an article in which one Dave Nash (“a contributing editor to wheelsuckers.co.uk”) pondered the passionate loathing so many cyclists reserve for notoriously up-market kit brand Rapha.  His reflections are not a complete success.  For example, Nash writes “it’s not just the brand itself that seems to raise their shackles. Anyone who wears their kit is deemed guilty by association.”  Clearly, Mr Nash understands branding - of which “association” is the whole point - about...