S2B: Day 3

Sydney to Brisbane 2018 1000KM Cycle Challenge for suicide prevention charity RUOK?

Some days, it's more about the journey, than the destination. Other times you just need to get to where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today was more about the latter, as we set off with an estimated 180KM to cover. 

Another spectacular start to the day, with brilliant sunshine and quiet roads as we left our home for the night at Bulahdelah. Our motel didn't offer us a microwave, so we skulked next door to the "servo" where we gave the Doris serving us more aggro that anyone deserves at 06:00. The request for porridge was not met with enthusiasm, so we all settled for various combos of bacon, eggs and toast.


Today was the first day that we have encountered headwinds. Nothing too significant but still, not the benefit of the tailwind to push us along at a healthy pace, while reserving our energies for harder days.  We pressed on regardless but took advantage of the opportunity to stop and enjoy the beautiful lake views just off the aptly named The Lakes Way.


One thing I've noticed while riding around Australia is the place names are usually quite interesting, intriguing even.  During the day we stumbled across this place, the "Ton o Fun" road. We were sorely tempted to explore to see why it might be named so.


As our route hugs the coastline closely there are a lot of places with Bay in their title. As we were trundling along the highway I noticed this signpost for U Turn Bay.  Unusual, I thought. I wonder what prompted that place name. Shortly afterwards I spotted a sign for Turning Bay. Odd name.  It was only when I saw another sign for U Turn Bay a little further along the highway that the penny dropped. These were not place names, they were road traffic signs. 


That said, I'm happy to not know why this place below got its name...


As we arrived at our motel for the night we were greeted by a very friendly local who offered us vodka and some other rewards for our efforts. We declined, before escaping to our room and locking ourselves inside. The accommodation we had managed to secure for the evening made the jailhouse seem luxurious, so we got cleaned up raided the local Bottl'o.  I was introduced to the delights of Aussie favourite "meat pie" Pringles. Special.

It was a long old day in the saddle, leading one of our gang to announce when we arrived that he thought he had a bit of an issue with his "notcha".  We all looked confused. Your "notcha", what do you mean mate?  Well, you know that place, that's notcha balls and it's notcha arsehole - there - me notcha. So glad we asked.


Thanks to the fine people of Evolve8 for their sponsorship of today's stage. They Evolve, they Innovate, and they, errr, ate.

For a link to today's ride take a look at Strava.

 Tomorrow promises to be an easier day, with just 115KM planned. We're off now to get fed and watered at the Panther's Club in Port Macquarie. More tomorrow...


Oh yeah, we also saw camels...

Link to day 4 

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 In loving memory of our lost friend Ed Skuza.

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