#AllezMcLay Stage 17: Another. Day. Down.

Stage 17/21. Tomorrow is an ITT. Then there are 2 more days in the big hills, and then the flat finale in Paris.  Many of the riders are now counting down the days to the Champs Elysee. Simply completing the Tour is a major achievement in itself.
Dan rolled in today in position 178 of 179, surrounded by team mates from his Fortuneo-Vital Concept team.  To put that in to context, the guy who finished 2 minutes ahead in position 174, did so with a fractured pelvis - incurred in a crash earlier in the day.
The pain these riders endure is beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals.  Let's hope all riders have good luck for the rest of the Tour, find the strength to battle onwards, and can enjoy their moment in Paris on Sunday.

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