#AllezKoni Stage 11: Every. Second. Counts.

Patrick Konrad of BORA - ARGON 18 gets a superfast wheel change - stage 11 Tour de France(c) BORA - ARGON 18 

Stage 11 was super-fast and packed with non-stop action. This was no typical long, flat, boring transition stage which was waiting for the bunch gallop. Major crosswinds had a huge impact on team tactics, with the GC teams also looking to take advantage and split the bunch.


Patrick had some bad luck, in the middle of the most chaotic time he was unlucky to get a flat. In these moments every second counts. The mechanic was lightening fast to get the new wheel fitted and push Koni on his way again quickly. 


For the fans, such stages are really exciting - but for the riders, they equal pure stress and today there were several crashes as the riders tried to fight for position in the bunch. Patrick ended the day in a group just 1:09 down on the stage winner in position 82.


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