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OK Conquistadores - it's time for a new subscriber offer. This time we're offering new subscribers two print back issues of Conquista . . . absolutely free!

Subscribe today and choose two issues from issue 10, issue 11, issue 12issue 13 and issue 15 (your subscription will start with issue 16, which will be sent to you at the same time: NB issue 14 is sold out).

By taking advantage of this special offer and becoming a subscriber you can help us achieve our goal of maintaining our independence while keeping advertising to a minimum. 

All the other benefits of subscribing stay the same . . .

  • Save on the cover price of print Conquista
    • An annual subscription will provide you with 4 issues for just £44 including UK P&P (delivery to an address outside the UK is £60 p.a.)
  • Be first among your friends to receive your copy of Conquista every quarter
    • Subscriber copies are mailed out before we send anything to our retail stockists (much as we love them . . .)
  • Free access to Conquista in digital form
    • Print subscribers receive free access to future digital issues of Conquista 
Subscribe using the PayPal button below, then email matthew@conquista.cc and tell us which two back issues you would like.  
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