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Nothing else quite matches high-quality print. With almost 200, predominantly ad-free pages, each issue is more like a book than a magazine or journal, packed full of long reads, stunning photography, and unique illustration, all beautifully crafted and curated for your indulgence.

All forms of cycling are celebrated equally enthusiastically. Insight from the UCI World Tour alongside stories of endeavour and achievement from people like you, exploring their own personal challenges from amateur racing to sportives, bike packing and cycle touring, as we remember it.

You won't find product reviews for the latest Rapha gravel bidon or tips on where to get the best discount on your Craft baselayers. We're not gonna tell you how to train for your next Gran Fondo or why cyclists shave their legs.

You will find epic tales of forgotten races from cycling's remarkable history. From Anquetil to Armstrong and Wiggins. Merckx to Van Der Poel and Van Aert. Our contributors tackle subjects such as was Lance really all that bad? Was Team Sky really all that good?

We also delve deep into the myriad of bike sub-cultures, from Red Hook Crit to the Taiwan KOM and just about anything in between. A social enterprise in Downton LA or a charity ride across Japan. Even a man who ate a badger. As we like to say - you just can't read this stuff in Cycling Weekly.

Let us deliver a little self-indulgence to your door every few months. Escape the mundane and lose yourself for a few hours in the wonderful world of Conquista.

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