Conquista is an independent global quarterly cycling magazine, merging style, passion and emotion with thoughtful, intelligent coMMent.  

The magazine explores, in the context of all cycling disciplines, the beauty of the bike.  Conquista aims to capture the essential beauty of the sport and bring a dabble of design and aesthetic into each communication.  One of the purposes of this magazine and project was to create a like-minded community that interacted with each other around cycling and the lifestyle.  We love to hear your thoughts, wishes and views.  It is important to us. By sharing, we live, learn and grow.  By participating you will help shape the community.  You don't have to be a professional photographer or journalist to express an opinion or share your work.

We have the passionate belief that our content should always stand up on its own merit.  We don't do cash for comment and you won't find "advertorials" in Conquista.  Please don't expect product reviews and recommendations.  We will not support "native" advertising and our content will never be interrupted by advertising mid-feature.  We value our commercial partners greatly but we will never blur the lines between paid for and so called "earned" content.   We give our images and stories space to breathe and if we say something is good it's because this is our judgement, not because we were paid to express an opinion or regurgitate a corporate press release.  We don't like the trend within media organisations towards merging Marketing with Editorial.  This feels to us inherently "sneaky" and we will always have a greater level of respect for our community than to set out to deliberately mislead you.  We won't always get it right - but we'll rely on you guys to keep us true if we drop the ball.

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