About Conquista

We aim to create a like-minded, interactive community around cycling and the cycling lifestyle.

  • We love to hear your thoughts, wishes and views.  
  • By participating you will help shape the community.  
  • You don't have to be a professional photographer or writer to express an opinion or share your work.
  • Contact Conquista by social media or email.

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Our goal is to explore the beauty of cycling in all its forms.  Conquista will NOT give you . . .

  • Race reports or results
  • Nutritional advice (except, of course, involving coffee, beer or cake)
  • Training tips for your next gran fondo or sportive
  • Ripped abdominal muscles in only 6 weeks

    We have the passionate belief that our content should always stand up on its own merits.  

    • We don't do cash for comment, and you won't find "advertorials" in Conquista.
    • Please don't expect product reviews and recommendations.  
    • We value our commercial partners greatly, but we will never blur the lines between paid for and so called "earned" content.  
    • We give our images and stories space to breathe, and if we say something is good it's because this is our judgement, not because we were paid to express an opinion or regurgitate a corporate press release.  

    We won't always get it right - but we'll rely on you guys to put us straight when we fail.

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