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Gift Guide For Book Worms
Gift Guide For Book Worms

by Laura Fletcher December 17, 2022

Laura Fletcher takes a quick look at some of the latest cycling titles to hit the bookshop shelves including books by Ned Boulting, Max Leonard, James Hibbard, Jeremy Wilson, Dan Martin. You can also check out Matthew Bailey's review of Jeremy Wilson's biography of Beryl Burton in Conquista Issue 28.

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Most Liveable Place Part 7: Two Years On, But What Has Changed?
Most Liveable Place Part 7: Two Years On, But What Has Changed?

by Trevor Gornall August 06, 2021

It feels to us like Liverpool is a city at a crossroads. The worst pedestrian and cyclist road safety track record in the country. Deprived neighbourhoods with chronic health issues and low car ownership. Offered millions of pounds of central government funding for local transport development, the city has elected to remove an important active travel corridor prior to the publication of a review into its effectiveness. The actions of a local councillor, praised by the City Mayor, could lead to a huge reduction in local transport funding that will set the city back years.  We look back at the last two years, the impact of Covid, and ask is this the end of the road for a co-ordinated active travel plan for Liverpool?

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Most Liveable Place: Part 6 - Boss City ≠ Belter Neighbourhoods
Most Liveable Place: Part 6 - Boss City ≠ Belter Neighbourhoods

by Trevor Gornall May 21, 2021

Liverpool is boss. But not always. But it could be. Richard J. Dunning elaborates...

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Cycling is all about overcoming. Cheating the wind. Defying gravity. Beating the peloton around France. Beating the traffic to work. Beating your mates to the café.

As often as not, it’s about conquering yourself. Clambering out of bed for a cold morning commute. Squeezing out a bit more effort when your lungs and legs are bursting.

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