Book Review - The Road Book 2020
Book Review - The Road Book 2020

by Matthew Bailey March 29, 2021

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Known Unknowns Part 7
Known Unknowns Part 7

by Shane Stokes March 26, 2021

Has Mark Cavendish another Grand Tour stage win in him?

It’s very early days yet in the 2021 season but, already, Mark Cavendish has amassed more points than he did in 2019 and 2020 combined. Twice runner-up in races, he’s poised for his first win in years; he also wore the leader’s jersey this week in the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali. Cavendish’s mentor Brian Holm explains what turned things around and why he believes the rider can still win in the sport’s biggest events.

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Known Unknowns: Part 6
Known Unknowns: Part 6

by Shane Stokes March 19, 2021

Can Sam Bennett win Milan-San Remo?


He was the best sprinter in 2020 and has continued in the same fashion thus far this season. Sam Bennett has four victories to his credit this year and with some solid performances on lumpier terrain too, he heads into Milan-San Remo as one of the favourites. But with a number of explosive, in-form riders set to animate the Poggio, can a sprinter still win the historic Classic?

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