Chris Auld - Matrix Pro Cycling Team Launch

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Cycling teams are loosely organised entities, whose members invariably have diverse goals across a variety of disciplines and events in different parts of the season. Consequently, a team’s launch may be the only occasion when all its riders get together. But the launch party for Matrix Pro Cycling, held at CycleFit Manchester, was special for other reasons too.

Matrix is a special team, including as it does superstars like multiple UCI World & Olympic Champion Laura Trott, fellow UCI World Champion Elinor Barker, double UCI World Paracycling Champions Corrine Hall and Lora Turnham and a host of other stars of today and tomorrow. It also has a unique approach, aimed at building sustainable careers in cycling for its riders and supporting the women’s sport at all levels, while still delivering value for sponsors.

But this year’s launch was special for another reason. Matrix turned its launch party into a fundraiser for Team Rwanda’s sole female member Jeanne D’Arc Girubuntu. This will allow her to support her family in Rwanda while continuing to train and race for the UCI in Switzerland. You can learn more about the remarkable Jeanne in this article and this video.


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