Prudential Ride London Classique 2018 - Gallery

The Prudential RideLondon Classique is a curious event. In the context of the RideLondon festival it risks playing second fiddle to the men's race, Sunday's 183km RideLondon-Surrey Classic. But being ridden on Saturday evening in the centre of one of the worlds great cities gives it a glamour and excitement the men's race arguably lacks. It might be "only" a crit - but it's a crit ridden around 5.4km of the world's most valuable real estate. And it is by far the world's richest race for women, with a cool €25,000 for the winner - which may explain the strength of the field and the ferocity of the racing.
Whatever. We love crits, we love women's cycling, and we love London. Oh, and it helps that we are big fans of the mighty Kirsten Wild, of Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling, who powered past an exasperated Marianne Vos to a second title. 
We were there, we had a great time, and we took a few photos. We hope you like them.