¡Hola Conquistadores!


The good news is that issue 24 of Conquista is now finished and ready. The bad news is that, for obvious reasons, we don’t think it is especially sensible to print it and send it to the shops. 

However, we have decided to make it available digitally as usual. You can download it here for the frankly irresistible price of just £4.

But before you rush off to buy it, we have another announcement to make. To give you all something to do while you’re stuck indoors we have decided to make pdf versions of all previous issues of Conquista available for download from our website for free. Just go to our online shop here. (If you'd like to make a small donation there's a donate button on our home page here (scroll down and you'll see it). But there's really no need.)

Prefer print? Willing to put your pennies where your preference is? Well, there’s good news for you too. We have cut the price of all our available back issues in half, to just £6 (+p&p). Some are sold out, but there’s plenty left to go at. Again, just take a look in the shop.

If you don't know enough about Conquista to make your minds up, we have a couple of old friends who will give you the lowdown. See what Clifford and Nigel have to say here.

Subscribers – fear not. We will make special arrangements for you when the global situation improves. We will be contacting you separately in the coming days to explain.

Stay healthy. Stay indoors. And – for a while at least – we won’t see you on the road . . .