Yudai Nitta Announces Launch of Dream Seeker

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Conquista issue 10 includes a major feature on keirin racing, with some spectacular photos of the Keirin Grand Prix 2015 from Brian Hodes, some of which you can see here.

We wrote there that “missing the opportunity to enter a strong Japanese contingent in one of the nation’s few signature Olympic sports, would be negligent to the point of actionability”.

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Well, someone clearly agrees with us – and not just anyone. Yudai Nitta, Keirin GP 2015 finalist, 2012 London Olympian and star interviewee of Conquista issue 10 has announced the launch of Dream Seeker, a completely new concept in team track cycling.

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Dream Seeker's goals are . . .

  • To secure Olympic qualification and medals for its members in Rio 2016
  • To support its members through sharing of experience and expertise as they compete professionally on national and international stages
  • To support youth development in track cycling
  • To raise the profile of track cycling globally

    The team will also be raising money for the victims of the Fukushima disaster.

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    Besides Nitta, the team features the following stars of track cycling:

    • Asai Kota – Keirin GP champion 2015
    • Shane Perkins – Olympic Bronze Medalist & 2-time UCI World Champion
    • Yuka Kobayashi – Girl’s Keirin GP champion 2015
    • Shin Wada Kuru – Keirin S-class Group 1
    • Ryuta Nogami – 2015 All Japan 1km time trial champion

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    The team’s concept of cooperation, mutual support, youth development and global promotion is completely original in track cycling, and Conquista applauds it unreservedly (though we think the suits may need some work.)

    At the time of the team’s launch, Shane “Perko” Perkins gave the following statement:

    “As many people know, I have a great connection and history with Japan. It is my home away from home. When presented with an opportunity to be part of Dream Seeker I saw it as a great privilege. It was not just my connection with Japan, but the vision of Dream Seeker towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the support towards those charities providing hope for Fukushima victims around Japan is something I am very grateful to become part of! This opportunity also provides a platform for me to chase my own dreams along the way within the cycling world, while being part of a great vision for Japanese cycling and hopefully the world of cycling. The future is bright."

    You can find out more at the team's (Japanese language) website, dream-seeker.jp.

    With thanks to our friends at cyclejam.jp and especially Ryu Kanawa of evolverbikes.jp. 

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